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The event features more than 12, distributors of promotional products aimed at helping businesses advertise their products and services. But the industry is adapting to offer more personalized items that you can use for corporate gifting, employee engagement, or unique visitor experiences.

However, in recent years the promotional products industry has expanded that train of thought to include a variety of new product offerings and uses. Here are some of the most popular promotional product categories of the moment, from classic gift items to high tech assets you can use to really stand out.

According to Bellantone, corporate gifting is one of the most popular categories for promotional products today. This can include clothing, mugs, or basically any gifts you might buy for a client or partner.

Bellantone says that employee engagement is another major area where promotional products can help. A simple award or token that is personalized to specific members of your team can let them know that their work is appreciated and help to promote engagement company-wide. Practical items are also popular, especially B2B type items that could work for both employees or business clients. Desk accessories, calendars, USB drives or briefcases fall into this category.

You could also opt for industry-specific items like medical bags or first aid kits. This may not be the most innovative item, but its utility is fairly timeless. People need places to carry all of their other items. And a bag also ensures that more people will see your logo as you walk around the venue. Not all promotional products need to be physical in nature. Promotional product providers are also finding ways to integrate NFC near-field communication technology into promotions. They can then use those items on photos or social media posts to share their experience with others and spread the word about your brand.

According to Bellantone, some providers are also finding ways to work AR augmented reality technology into their promotions. With this, you could create a Pokemon Go-style trade show game or allow visitors to create branded augmented images using your technology. For me personally, I like to get promotional items that I can actually use in my daily life. And then I see their brand over and over again.

So avoid the cheap gimmicky stuff. For a small business owner like myself the MPO on most of the sites that I have checked out are just illogical for me to invest in at this time. I mean really, what am I supposed to do with 5, lanyards orink pens?

I am currently using Redbubble. I want to offer them something that surprises and delights as well. Even something as simple as a sticker will help with brand recollection when they thinking about purchasing again next time. So is there any place online or in store that has this kind of marketing tools at an affordable price or am I being unrealistic in my expectations? Your email address will not be published.

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Robert Brady January 31, at am.It is like having a business card that promotes a company, but it offers the message on a usable product instead. Inthe promotional products industry saw growth of 3. Although the number of active firms has grown in the United States by 0. Because of the promotional products industry, the advertising and marketing messages created by brands can continue to live on after the initial exposure.

Brands purchase items from this industry to give to their future customers. It may be the only set of products where the advertising you offer to people is something for which they will thank you. Promotional Products Association International. Wearables are the most popular product category for the promotional products industry today. Drinkware comes in second with 8. Writing items follow at 6. Business services are the top buyers of promotional products each year. The primary use for industry products is to promote brand recognition, product awareness, and to establish a corporate identity.

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Over 40, companies are currently active in the promotional products industry today. This industry provides roughlyjobs in the United States. Millennials remembered social media the most, whereas Generation Xers recalled the directional call to action or statements with definitive instruction.

Sage World. Even when the item is unwanted, the average lifespan of an item from this industry is 6. When asked why they keep promotional products, the top three answers given were that the products were fun, functional, and trendy.

Bags are the most popular item distributed from the promotional products industry because they offer roughly impressions every time a recipient uses it. Mugs with a logo on them are more effective for advertising and marketing purposes than television or radio spots. Fully Promoted Franchise. These consumers will still use the calendar that they have on their desk or wall to organize their space. Promo Marketing Magazine. There are 22 states and one Canadian province that has at least one of the top 50 promotional product distributors.

Ohio has the most, with six firms appearing on the list. The U. In comparison, only three states in the West have one distributor as a top earner for the industry.

The promotional products industry is also shifting toward social media by creating specific hashtag marketing opportunities with their items to expand consumer reach. Over 43 million posts on Instagram use the Adidas search, while Nike has 69 million posts. Almost every item features apparel from the brand in the image. The global promotional products industry currently has over 40, distributors and 7, suppliers offering products and services.

The United States holds the greatest share of this industry with roughly 25, active firms, followed by Europe with about 12, Canada comes in third with 7,With all the mergers and acquisitions happening in promo and there were a lot of them last yearit can feel like the industry is getting smaller, not larger—contracting, not expanding. Every mega-distributor that forms technically reduces the number of individual companies operating in the space. But overall industry sales are growing. The pie is getting larger.

2019 Top Distributors List: Stats, Trends and Analysis

And the most creative, innovative and forward-thinking distributor companies are snapping up the extra slices. So, instead of the Top 50, we compiled the Top We brought back several notable companies we had trouble tracking down for previous installments of the list. We collected more information for each distributor, including percentage of hard goods versus apparel sales and a listing of top vertical markets. It's free! For an overview of the stats and trends we saw while compiling the list, keep reading.

But the majority of the sales growth was the result of a strong all-around year for the promo industry. In all, 50 of our Top 65 Distributors grew their sales from towith 25 posting at least double-digit percentage growth. Twelve of those companies grew by 20 percent or more. The largest percentage sales increase belonged to Corporate Imaging Concepts BDA Inc.

The return of those large distributors we mentioned did impact the year-to-year rankings for the rest of the list, with a number of companies posting significant revenue gains but sliding a few spots as new additions to the list slotted in ahead. For example, despite growing sales by more than 35 percent, Kotis Design ranked No. Touchstone grew sales by more than 28 percent and slid from No. This effect can be seen throughout most of the list, so we suggest not putting much stock in rankings changes for this installment—though there were some notable risers.

The Icebox-Cool Stuff jumped five spots from No. Ohio and Illinois led with seven distributors apiece, followed by Minnesota and California with five apiece. New York, Maryland and Georgia each had four. Nine states had a single distributor each.

Louis were each home to two. The midwest led the way again with 27 companies in eight states. The northeast had 16 companies in seven states, while the south had 13 in six.Promotional products offer an efficient and effective vehicle for building brand awareness. When you print your logo or personalized message onto a product, recipients see and display your brand name.

Companies are constantly thinking outside of the box and coming up with new ways to promote their brand. As time passes, each new fad will have its day in the sun. This small circular object that can be attached to the back of your smartphone can also act as a grip or stand. They can even be customized, which makes them a great candidate for use as a promotional product.

In the promotional product world, the golden ticket to success is identifying and investing in an item that fits modern needs and will travel nearly everywhere its users do. The exposure created by such giveaways is highly lucrative. When a business misses out on an opportunity such as this, gaining back the lost ground can pose an immense challenge.

Promotional mobile accessory giveaway items are widely available and growing in popularity. This gives your business a chance to capitalize on the broad range merchandise that your customers and target audience are sure to love.

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For guaranteed exposure, try adding your branding to the tech items that your recipients will use most frequently. In this category, you can choose from promotional power banks, stylus pens, flash drives, and many more useful items. Two prime examples include cell phone cases and tablet covers.

However, you can also add your branding to earbuds, selfie sticks, cell phone stands, and speakers. Alternately, you can opt for something simple yet still highly effective.

Consider putting your logo on microfiber cleaning cloths, which are used to remove dust and fingerprints from mobile device screens. Wireless chargers were one of the trending mobile accessories at CES This makes them ideal promotional products for trade show giveaways and brand awareness campaigns. As progresses, the mobile phone accessories market is expected to rise significantly in the USA and abroad.

Your company can ride this wave to success by incorporating mobile accessories into its fold of promotional giveaway items. Mobile promotional products are a prime way to reach a young, diverse, and powerful demographic. Due to their popularity and functionality, recipients will be sure to actively use these products. These days, nearly everyone relies on their smartphones, tablets, and other devices for everyday living.

Many spend hours each day on mobile devices. This is both for fun and for use in daily tasks, such as banking and using coupons.

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Having your branding on mobile accessories will ensure that product recipients are seeing your brand consistently. This allows your company to remain relevant and to reach a greater level of public awareness. Mobile tech devices and their accessories are popular in general, which makes them an ideal promotional product category.

promotional products statistics 2019

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promotional products statistics 2019

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This report on : Provides Market Size information to assist with planning and strategic decisions. Helps you understand market dynamics to give you a deeper understanding of industry competition and the supply chain.According to PPAI, wearables as been the most popular trend embraced by consumers today. In the past, the goal of the promotional products industry was to purchase the cheapest possible items in order to give them away.

A few years ago, that was popular because getting free stuff was a nice change of pace.

The 2019 Top 50 Promotional Products Suppliers: Stats, Trends and Analysis

For the promotional products industry, now really is an exciting time. Now companies are contacting the industry to create high-quality items, creating higher revenues in the process. Because there will always be a need for added brand exposure, there will always be a need to order more products — especially as competition levels within an industry keep rising.

This bodes very well in the next decade for the promotional products industry, assuming the desire for high-quality, sustainable products continues to be a point of emphasis.

Just about anything can be used as a promotional product if there is branding or a logo placed on it. You can drink coffee without realizing what is on your cup. This is where the promotional product industry has an opportunity to evolve. By offering presentation ideas and products in addition to the actual giveaways, a bigger impression can be made and the industry creates new revenue opportunities.

There will always be a need to make employees feel appreciated. There will always be a need to bring in new customers and spread brand awareness. How this is balanced will evolve over the next years as more companies look to retain customers with high value products and offer other incentives to their employees for appreciation.

Instead of a clock or a watch, employees might prefer an extra week of vacation, more sick leave, or a simple raise… many workers in the US have yet to receive more than a cost of living raise since If the promotional products industry can shift gears to meet these changing needs, then there will continue to be strong sales and revenue growth. Cheap Products Promote a Cheap Brand From the PPAI Expo, the general consensus is that companies are willing to invest into high-end promotional products so that people are left with a great impression of the brand itself.

The goal is to do more than just create a useful item. Promotional items are the most popular when they are high quality, long-lasting products. Although this increases the expenses for a company, the promotional products industry benefits in two ways: higher revenues and a better overall perception of the products offered.

Value is being seen in more than just cost and quality in the industry. There is also a push to create environmentally friendly products that help potential customers feel good about a brand.

For this reason, reusable bags, totes, and similar products with branding are a Top 5 distributed product.

Look for even more options in this area to be made available in the future, including backpacks, purses, or even briefcases. Other sustainable options may include recycled paper products, bamboo products, and fully biodegradable products. Technology products will continue to be seen as the most valuable items the industry has to offer. There must also be a presentation in the offering or a customized experienced offered with the product in order for the item to stand out.

This offers the promotional products industry the opportunity to branch out product offerings into customized packaging. Not only do customized products typically have higher profit margins and sales prices, but in a world where everything is basically a click away on the internet, it makes a product easier to remember. Look for partnership opportunities with businesses who have brand awareness campaigns to provide market specific, community specific, or even individualized promotional items for an increased level of value.

As companies look for more custom packaging and presentation options, the need for these items will only expand. Forward-thinking industry members will also begin to offer presentation suggestions, packages, or products along with the actual items that are being used. This will open up new product lines in the next decade, make presentations easier for each company, and ultimately help consumers find the best products to meet their needs.

Everyone wins in such a scenario. Watch for companies to also approach the promotional products industry to created a tiered giveaway strategy which features more products. Some items might be given away for free, but another item might be offered for contact information.

Top Promotional Product Trends

A third item might be offered for an application. A fourth item might be offered with a first purchase.It has been an amazing year for the promotional products industry. According to sales data submitted by PPAI, there has been a 5. For the streak to continue inorganizations need to invest in trending products and keep up with the latest industry practices. It is vital to know that the products that are considered trending this year may not be popular next year.

promotional products statistics 2019

This is because of constantly shifting consumer behavior and preferences. Back inthey were great for trade shows and B2B marketing. However, they soon went out of trend. Businesses, therefore, need to spot and capitalize on high-trending products at the earliest. Consumers have been moving on to eco-friendly products that are not only biodegradable but are also manufactured sustainably.

By incorporating natural and eco-friendly products to improve your marketing strategy, your brand will become increasingly popular among consumers. Some great eco-friendly promotional items include recycled notebooks and journals, recyclable water bottles, and organic canvas tote bags. A trend from that will continue into is promotional tech products that are wireless. With Apple eliminating the earphone plug on the iPhones, it is clear that the future is becoming increasingly wireless!

Promotional products with unique colors, textures, and patterns are a great way to make your brand stand out. Not only are these products aesthetically pleasing, but they will also attract more customers. Since purple was the color ofwe have listed a few color predictions for Colors like bright corals, lavender, electric blue, and cherry red could work perfectly for promotional luggage tags, tote bags, satchels, pens, or outdoor gear.

When it comes to textures, we believe leather, matte, wood-grain, and smooth metallic textures could dominate. Businesses that understand this early on will have a massive advantage in influencing the market. In order to understand the millennial market better, organizations are now relying on their millennial employees. According to Statistathere are over The number of gyms and fitness facilities is a testament to the popularity of the fitness industry. Brands that appeal to the growing population of sports and fitness enthusiasts are bound to stand out.

Items such as sports bottlesstress balls, armband phone casestowelscapsand golf accessories are ideal giveaways. Duffel bagsyoga mats with carrying cases, and cinch bag s are also trending items in the sports and fitness sector right now. We hope these insights on the promotional products trends for will help you achieve your marketing goals. If you are on the lookout for trending promotional products for your business, then get in touch with us and we will provide you with the latest giveaway products for your brand to stand out.

Skip to content. Eco-friendly Products are on the Rise Consumers have been moving on to eco-friendly products that are not only biodegradable but are also manufactured sustainably. Wireless will Continue to be In A trend from that will continue into is promotional tech products that are wireless. Unique Colors will Give Better Results Promotional products with unique colors, textures, and patterns are a great way to make your brand stand out. Share this.

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