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Well known Aluminium Extrusion company in UAE hiring a Sales representative if you have more than 5 years of experience in the field and would like to kindly share your CV to Husam emiratesextrusion. Kindly share your CV through below Email Husam emiratesextrusion. Arrange a meeting with us at our office, We'll be happy to work with you!

Wanna join our crazy team? We are always looking for new talents and we were expecting you. Time to apply, buddy!

Search for:. Recent Posts. Career Opportunities Send your CV to us! Box United Arab Emirates. Open Vacancies: Sales representative Well known Aluminium Extrusion company in UAE hiring a Sales representative if you have more than 5 years of experience in the field and would like to kindly share your CV to Husam emiratesextrusion.

Meet weekly, monthly, and annual sales quotas through the successful implementation of sales and marketing strategies and tactics. Generate leads and builds relationships planning and organizing daily work schedule to call on existing or potential sales outlets. Develop and implement territory action plan through comprehensive data analysis, and adjust sales techniques based on interactions and results in the field daily and Monthly Responsibilities.

Maintain working relationships with existing clients to ensure exceptional service and identification of potential new sales opportunities. Identify appropriate prospects, set appointments, make effective qualifying sales calls, and manage the sales cycle to close new business in all service categories offered.

aluminium extrusion in uae

Possess in-depth product knowledge and be able to conduct demos and relay objection handling. Prepare professional, complete, concise and accurate reports, proposals, booking packages, and other documentation as required for executive-level presentations. Achieve sales goals by assessing current client needs and following a defined selling process with potential buyers, often utilizing product demos and presentations.

Dies drawings and design. Coordinate with the purchase department to get the costs from suppliers Intimate the die cost to the customer through the sales department Organize the trailer for new dies. Send the sample with validation to the customer through the sales department. Dies inventory Ordering for broken dies Prepare monthly or any required report. Drafts scale drawings of each die set, delineating contours and dimensions for the manufacture of die.

Skills Qualifications Minimum 5 years in die designing within an Aluminum extrusion setting. Preferred Qualifications Excellent English language skills Advance reporting skills. Liaise with government departments to do the necessary legal requirements of the company.Dubai is known to be a city in constant development and innovation.

This is why the aluminium extrusion business is at home here. There are many companies that you can contact for these kind of services. Well, you will see that choosing one will be a pretty difficult job since they all compete with each other and are trying to offer the best possible services.

There are a few aspects that you have to take into consideration when choosing the best company for aluminium extrusion. Well, first of all, you must make sure the company uses the best possible machines for this purpose.

Then, the technologies and the processes used it is better to be the latest ones.

aluminium extrusion in uae

If you are in the business of aluminiun extrusion you probably know the best and the newest technologies. In case you need more information, you can always check the web sites of the companies, because all of them have one. Actually, you can find great information on the web site, but the truth is that before deciding which the best company is for you, then you have to speak to the representatives. Well, the companies in Dubai are not only great because they offer amazing services, they are also known for the impeccable customer service.

You will see that every single company is trying to offer the best possible services for every single client.

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They are trying to offer personalized services, so you will be able to find what you need. Aluminium extrusion is a very important and large industry and you should make sure that the company you hire uses technologies that are environment friendly. This is how you can enjoy great products and you can leave a better world behind. More info. Hillsborough General Trading L. Kingspan Insulated Panels Manufacturing L. Well, it is also providing new techniques and technologies for every single one.

Aluminium extrusion is one of the many great business developing in Dubai. It is very important to buy the best possible services when it comes to the industry. Aluminium is so jmuch used in all sorts of industries and of course that all the operations needed for the extraction and then transformation are very important. The latest technologies are the best way to transform the aluminium into products. And where you can find better services in this domain, than in Dubai? All rights reserved.

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Al Qusais Indl Area 3. Industrial Area. Jebel Ali Industrial Area. Jebel Ali. Dubai Investment park. Al Quoz, Interchange 3.Aluminium makes modern life possible, from the smartphone in your hand, to the plane you fly in, to the buildings where you live and work.

Our product is the second largest made-in-the UAE export and we are the heart and foundation of the broader UAE aluminium sector. EGA has focused on innovation for over 25 years. We have used our own technology in every smelter expansion since the s and retrofitted our older production lines.

In we became the first UAE industrial company to licence our process internationally. The aluminium sector, with EGA at its heart, generates activity accounting for 1. Together, we make modern life possible, for the world, from the UAE.

Al Jaber Aluminium Extrusions LLC

We have been developing our business for decades, and today our aluminium is used to create products that touch lives around the world. EGA is leading the world in research to turn a by-product of alumina production into a valuable resource.

On 12 Novemberaluminium production in the United Arab Emirates began. The first metal was produced at our Jebel Ali site. Our founder, the late Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, had signed a decree establishing Dubai Aluminium in as part of a vision to diversify the economy and create opportunity for people.

For the past 40 years, we have turned that vision into reality. The development of EGA since the s has taken the UAE from no aluminium production to the fifth largest aluminium-producing country in the world.

Our lives would be very different without aluminium. It is thanks to the metal of the future that we live in great cities, can make instant connections and more. At Emirates Global Aluminium, we produce one in every 25 tonnes of aluminium made worldwide. Please Enter your search detail. We have been making modern life possible since EGA is implementing extensive measures to protect our people and operations.

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Our history We have been developing our business for decades, and today our aluminium is used to create products that touch lives around the world. Discover our stories. Building a knowledge economy Take a look on the first-ever international transfer of UAE-developed industrial technology Read more. Turning waste into value EGA is leading the world in research to turn a by-product of alumina production into a valuable resource Read more. Our 40th anniversary. Impact Innovation Emiratisation.

Learn More. Cities Connections Driving Flavour Travel. Media releases. Load more.To enhance customer satisfaction, alunoor is committed to provide a consistently good quality product that meets customer requirements.

With this framework, Our company will ensure a continual improvement for the welfare of our staff and external parties. With these systems, we will maintain an efficient operations without any negative impact to the environment. Abdulnoor Aluminium Extrusion Factory is a privately held producer of engineered high quality aluminium products.

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ALUNOOR founded and started its commitment to utilize industry-leading technology with high quality workforce on serving local traders and fabricators. We will increase our operation in providing readily available standards, architectural and industrial aluminium profiles for fabricators, traders in any location. We will support an open adaptability to create new designs in doors, windows, curtain wall or structural glazing, interior applications aluminium profiles and industrial application aluminium profiles.

We will lead to supply your requirements on shapes in a wide range of weight and tempering with a wide variety of surface finishes and colors such as; basic mill finishes as extrudedclear and colored anodizing, paint colors in powder.

Aluminium Extrusions in UAE

Our quality workforce will position our company as one of the leaders in aluminium extrusion industry. As flexible, diversified and client-focused leader. So I choose Aluminium for its stable market demand, versatility and almost infinite recyclable life. Inquiry Form Fill up the form and send us your inquiry. High Technology. Quality Product. Dedicated to Perfection.

ISO Quality Management Systems. OHSAS Environmental Management Systems. Featured Products. Company History. Our Mission. Our Vision.Hussain Aluminium Co L. We source our inventories from suppliers around the world. Our organization is operated by well-qualified and skilled employees in our pursuit to provide the best customer service.

Please approach us with your requirements, so we can assist you in the best way possible. We are proudly one of the biggest suppliers of Aluminium extrusion and Aluminium sheets. We stock Special grade profiles in Aluminium, alternatively a We stock Nylon Round bars, from sizes of 8mm up to mm, also Nylon sheets up to 50mm; we import all these products from china and some special sizes We stock Teflon bars from 8mm to up-to mm and import all the bars from reputed suppliers from China.

Teflon is a highly used plastic in industries It's is a specialist supplier of Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Nylon and Teflon products with an established track record of more than 20 years in U. View More. Professional Approach Our organization operated by well-qualified and skilled employee with professional approach to business and experience has facilitated for a better and Reliable Customer Service. Trust and Reliability We believe only customer satisfaction can drive our business.

Trust and reliability, which come from the successful business relationship, is the most important factor for smooth running of the business. Welcome to Hussain Aluminium Co L. Our Products. Product Gallery. Al Qouz Warehouse. Sharjah Warehouse. Quick Enquiry. Dubai Abudhabi Sharjah Northern Emirates.Aluminium extrusion is a method that is used to convert aluminium alloys into objects or shapes that can have a wide variety of uses. Aluminium extrusions are malleable, functional and flexible and hence used widely in the manufacturing industries like marine, transportation, building material, construction etc.

Aluminium extrusions are strong, resistant and flexible and that makes them ideal for a variety of industries and uses. Relevance A-Z.

aluminium extrusion in uae

Results for category "Aluminium Extrusions". Box:Dubai. Keyword s :. Category s :. Arabian Extrusions Factory. Box:Umm Al Quwain. Arabian Extrusion ISO certified has earned itself a formidable reputation as one of the region's leading suppliers of high-quality aluminium value-added products. Aluminium Extrusions.

Al Abbar Aluminium. Dubai Landmark:. Abu Dhabi Landmark:. Box:Abu Dhabi. Al Basma Aluminium Glass Work. Al Falak Aluminium Est. Al Mithaq Industrial Company. Box:Ajman. Results of Search by Phone Number.

Area Code. Phone Number. Mobile Numbers. Search By P. Search by Business Name. Search by Keyword.Aluminium extrusions are hollow in shape and can be used for the construction of home appliances, automobiles, constructing supporting frames for buildings and much more.

They are also used in the aerospace industry for the construction of space crafts, space stations and satellites. Hydro extrusions are a standard alloy of custom aluminium extrusions which are custom designed. They can be designed in different shapes, sizes, alloys and tempers which make them suitable for various applications.

Engineers use a solid cylindrical block or billet of aluminium which is heated, softened and forced through a steel dye to produce a lightweight and strong corrosion resistant component which is shaped like the opening of a die.

Two methods of extruding aluminium are direct extrusion and indirect extrusion. Engineers use the direct extrusion method as the most preferred method as it is a flexible method. In this method, the aluminium billet is placed in the stationary container as the hydraulic ram moves through to push the metal through an opening.

aluminium extrusion in uae

In this manner, the aluminium flows in the same direction as the ram flows. Engineers use the indirect extrusion method by placing aluminium billets in place and moving the container during the process of extrusion.

Here the pressure of the ram forces the soft metal to flow through the die opening in the opposite direction of the ram. This method is known as backwards extrusion. During the process of extrusion, the temperature of aluminium must be controlled carefully as a change in temperature could cause the extrusion to become deformed.

High temperature can result in a decrease in tensile strength. Aluminium extrusion designers use the hydro extrusion method to design different shapes, sizes, alloys and tempers. They perform all types of extrusion methods right from standard extrusion to custom extrusion. They study the client's requirement and design the right type of aluminium extrusion which suits their need. Aluminium extrusion designers provide different services such as extrusion finishing service, polishing service, finishing, wet paint finish, powder coating finish and aluminium anodizing.

They also offer aluminium fabrication services such as CNC milling in aluminium extrusion, precision metre cutting and much more. Designers fabricate aluminium extrusions by the method of punching, drilling, tapping, notching and bending. Aluminium extrusion suppliers precision cutting and meter cut extrusions in different ways to get the right shape.

Some popular cutting methods include precision cutting, mitre cutting, saw cutting and laser cutting. Aluminium extrusion is nothing but the process of converting aluminium alloy into objects that might be used in wide range of applications.

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The objects or shapes made out of aluminium extrusions are used in the space stations for its diverse application features. Aluminium has various advantages and its attribute like magnetic free, malleable and most importantly reusable. The process of aluminium extrusion starts by heating aluminium and forcing it to enter into a die.

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